Colorimetric Characterization of a Positive Film Scanner Using an Extremely Reduced Training Data Set

Colorimetric Characterization of a Positive Film Scanner Using an Extremely Reduced Training Data Set
Jean-Baptiste Thomas; University of Bourgogne; LE2I; Dijon, France Clotilde Boust; C2RMF; Paris, France

In this work, we address the problem of having an accurate colorimetric characterization of a scanner for traditional posi- tive film in order to guarantee the accuracy of the color informa- tion during the digitization of a movie. The scanning of a posi- tive film is not an usual task, however it can happen for cultural heritage purpose. Art-movies, are often created and stored as positive-film in museums. One of the problems one can face for a colorimetric characterization is to have a reasonable number of measurements from an item. In this work we succeeded in having a reasonable accuracy with just a few number of measurement (typically 4 to 7 ∆Ea∗b units with 2 to less than 10 measurements).

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In Color Imaging conference, San José, November 2011 :








Clotilde Boust

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