AMIA session, The Reel Thing – april 2010

Film Biennale 2010: Amsterdam
EYE Film Institute Netherlands (formerly the Filmmuseum) presents the Film Biënnale, featuring unique film events at special venues throughout Amsterdam from 7 to 11 April. The Film Biënnale showcases film productions which blur the boundaries between different artistic disciplines, merging music, art, theatre and poetry.

On April 7th, AMIA will present a half day session at the Biennale. The AMIA session will be followed by a half day of The Reel Thing.

Wednesday April 7, 2010
9:30 – 12:30 – AMIA seminar
13:30 – 17:00 – The Reel Thing

The AMIA session at the Biennale will explore online access to Audiovisual Archives. Traditionally film archives are responsible for providing access to archival audio-visual content. But access to on-line AV archives today is provided by a much wider variety of agents: from individuals to communities, from film festivals to academic programs. During this half day seminar a selected number of recent projects will be presented focusing on the who is providing access to audio-visual archives, why they are doing it and for whom.

Following the AMIA session, The Reel Thing will present a half day techical symposium. Dedicated to presenting the lastest technologies in audiovisual restoration and preservation. The Reel Thing brings together a unique lineup of laboratory technicians and specialists.

Clotilde Bous a présenté : “Film digitization : focus on visual effects conservations”

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